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About us

Dear Sir/Madam

We are glad to provide you a wide range of logistic services.

Our “Industrial and Production Complex-Logistics Terminal”, Khabarovsk city is located close to

railway station "Amur" of the Far Eastern Railway and Federal highway M-60.

“Industrial and Production Complex-Logistics Terminal” covers 53 thousand square meters,

equipped with a rail terminal and railway siding, which allows manual and mechanized operations

of loading and unloading cars, gondola cars, platforms and unloading gantry crane, truck crane.

Logistic Terminal is guarded 24 hours a day and equipped with security video cameras.

Our services:

1. Transportation Logistics

- Loading and unloading rail cars, gondolas cars, platforms;

- Vehicles transfer

- Containers pickup at the station Khabarovsk-2 (all paperwork must be provided to ЗАО "ПЛК"

before departure from the station)

2. Warehousing:

- Pick up, delivery and storage.

- Outdoor area - up to 4000 m2;

- Heated warehouse - up to 600 m2;

- Unheated warehouse up to 3000 m2, ceiling height of 12 m

3. Distribution Logistics

- Loading and unloading operations;

- Cross-docking.

4. Paperwork

- Validation of goods

- Broker services

Meeting your individual needs and best prices are guaranteed!

The use of our logistic terminal will help you to save your time and money.

Please feel free to contact us at +7 (4212) 76-70-99; 8-909-858-98-11;

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